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The unused space you could be putting to better use

If you’ve been thinking about how you could expand the living space within your home, you’ve probably considered various options.

1. Rearrange things Clearing things out, moving things around or changing how you use some existing rooms in your house might all have been considered.

2. Build an extension

If rearrangement and clearing out doesn’t provide the space you need, then building an extension may be the next option you consider.

If you have the space, the finance, the planning permission, the mindset to deal with the upheaval to your current arrangements and the time required, this could be the solution to choose.

3. Move house

Moving house might also be a consideration.

However, it’s a choice of last resort if you like where you live, have children settled in school, don’t want the potential roller coaster of finding a new home, being in a chain, having offers refused, or a sale falling through.

Fortunately, there is a fourth, more cost-effective, and speedier option

The fourth option is to put a part of your garden, a space you already own, to better use.

Here’s why doing so makes sense for many thousands of people who have already taken this route to create more space in their homes.

  1. You don’t need planning permission; this makes gaining your extra space a faster process

  2. It’s far more cost-effective than building an extension

  3. You don’t have to move house with all the upheaval entailed, plus, you pay no tax (Stamp Duty). Your family gets the benefit of your hard-earned funds and not the taxman

  4. There’s no upheaval to your living arrangements, no builders in your house, and no mess

  5. Attractive and long-lasting garden rooms like those we design and build will likely add value to your home

  6. Evergreen garden rooms can be multi-functional. We have built rooms with dedicated space for gyms, offices and storage combined

  7. It’s a fast way to add the space that you want (the average on-site construction time is fourteen days)

Is this the right solution for you?

Evergreen Garden Rooms are steel frame structures clad in very long-lasting Cedar Wood panels.

Each room is heavily insulated, and if you install underfloor heating or radiators as many of our clients do, our rooms can be used year-round.

You can see that built this way; our rooms are long-lasting structures.

Therefore, the cost of one of our garden rooms will be more expensive than an all-timber garden structure, but you won’t be comparing those choices on a like for like basis.

Guaranteed work

The materials we use when building our garden rooms are long life. However, we offer a two-year guarantee for fixing any problems that might arise after installation.

The guarantee excludes wear and tear damage occurring during the use of a garden room.

Book a site survey The first step to making your garden room a reality is to book a site survey. To arrange this, please email or call 01702 969 959.

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