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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Planning Permission needed for these buildings? 


No, it usually isn’t, they are permitted development as long as the structure is not taller than 2.5m. We build to a height of 2.5m.


What materials are used in construction? 


We create a framework for each structure from lightweight but long-lasting steel. 


The steel frame is often clad with Cedar Wood panels sourced from sustainable producers .

As a building material, Cedar has excellent conductivity and durability and acoustic properties, and because of its density, it is also resistant to fire. 

Cedar is famous as a cladding material because it is an excellent thermal insulator. That means buildings clad in Cedar are warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

We also offer Hardieplank and Composite cladding for our buildings plus slate slip and silicone render.



Are your buildings guaranteed? 


Yes, for ten years. If there is any defect in the structure within that period, we will fix it free of charge. 


Are all buildings a standard design? 

No, we create bespoke designs for each client based on what they want to use the building for and space they have available. 


Your garden room does not have to look or feel like any other.  Our in-house designers will create a design based on your brief. 


What can these structures be used for?


Whatever you need extra space for but typically we build offices, gyms and spas, studios and retreats. But we love surprises so feel free to add to the list. 


Can they have partitions built into them?

Yes, you can design the inner area as you’d like. 


Can heating and power supplies be included? 


Yes, they generally are included as standard.


How long do they take to build? 


That depends on the size of the structure and the great British weather…between 10 - 20 working days. 


When we arrive at your home to start building, you’ll see that the frame components of your structure are already pre-made. 


You’ll see the steel frame around which we build and fix the walls and roof. It all looks like a giant Meccano set. 


We build in sections using pre-engineered parts that have the holes for fixing bolts already cut-out of the steel structure.  


From the design aspect, this form of building offers excellent flexibility. It allows us to create structures for individual plots, manufacturing the parts required on a bespoke basis. 


This method of "pre-building" speeds-up on-site construction and that's good for news for clients who don't like the disruption that comes with most building projects.    


How much do they cost? 


As a budget guide allow £1,500 per square metre for the construction of your room (the finished price will depend on your final design choices) and the size of your room. 


Is there a waiting list? 


Yes, there is, so if you are keen to get one of our beautiful and bespoke structures into your garden, do get on our building list soon.  


For the most up to date news on our next available build slots, email


Can you supply finance to fund the build? 

Not directly, but we can put you in touch with registered finance brokers who can advise on the best finance deals available. 


How the best way to make an appointment to discuss a project? 

The best way is to email or call 01702 969959 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday

Please supply a phone number so that we can contact you and make an appointment to meet.  

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