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Current lead time - approx. 4-6 weeks


All our Garden Rooms are built using a steel framework. Steel is much more durable than wood, and it lasts far longer. For this reason, steel is a highly sustainable building product. 


As a building material, Cedar Wood has excellent conductivity, durability and acoustic properties, and because of its density, it is also resistant to fire.


Cedar is famous as a cladding material in extreme climates because it is an excellent thermal insulator. 

If cedar wood isn't for you, we can also clad your garden room with Hardieplank which comes in a range of colours.



Depending on the size of the structure and the great British weather our Garden Rooms usually take between 10 - 20 working days. 


Modular components deliver highly flexible designs

When we arrive at your home to start building, you’ll see that the components of your structure are already pre-made. 


You’ll see the steel frame around which we build and fix the walls and roof. It all looks like a giant Meccano set. 


It’s what we mean when we talk about using modular components - we build in sections using pre-engineered parts that have the holes for fixing bolts already cut-out of the steel structure.  


From the design aspect, this way of building offers excellent flexibility. It allows us to create structures for individual plots, manufacturing the parts required on a bespoke basis. 


This method of "pre-building" speeds-up on-site construction and that's good for news for clients who don't like the disruption that comes with most building projects.    

Steel is much more durable than wood, and it lasts far longer (this makes it a sustainable building product)

96% of the steel used in our designs is from recycled sources

The steel we use is GS350 to GS550 grade; this grade is non-combustible with high resistance to corrosion and classed as “light steel”

Steel will not burn in a fire,
and it won’t
warp or rot either

Example of ground based screws installed on site

Moisture and rot are two things you won’t have to worry about with steel (not so with a wooden framed structure)

The way we use steel in our designs allows us to install deeper and more effective insulation

The components used are all prefabricated. It means we complete buildings up to 70% faster than alternative construction methods; this produces a significant reduction in labour costs
for on-site assembly

We do not require expensive (and heavy) lintels in construction; this means we can usually avoid laying a concrete base



4m x 4m

Built in November 2020, check out
this 4m x 4m Garden office space


5m x 4m

Built in May 2021, check out this
5m x 4m Garden room


8m x 2.8m

Built in May 2021, check out this 8m x 2.8m Garden room for multi-purpose use

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