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Modular components deliver highly flexible designs

When we arrive at your home to start building, you’ll see that the components of your structure are already pre-made. 


You’ll see the steel frame around which we build and fix the walls and roof. It all looks like a giant Meccano set. 


It’s what we mean when we talk about using modular components - we build in sections using pre-engineered parts that have the holes for fixing bolts already cut-out of the steel structure.  


From the design aspect, this way of building offers excellent flexibility. It allows us to create structures for individual plots, manufacturing the parts required on a bespoke basis. 


This method of "pre-building" speeds-up on-site construction and that's good for news for clients who don't like the disruption that comes with most building projects.    

Create your own bespoke structure 


Your garden room does not have to look and feel like any other. 


Our in-house designers will produce 3D colour images to show you how your building will look both inside and out. 


You can personalise your structure in several ways; 


  1. By the way you layout and apportion the space 

  2. By choosing from different external and internal finishes  

  3. Adding equipment or art that makes your room fit for the function you’ve chosen


We will help you with the first and second elements; the third is for you to have the fun of choosing the things that will create the perfect home office, gym or whatever else you want your new space to be. 

Steel frame ready to be clad
3D imaging


Get in touch today and take the first step towards your beautiful new garden room. 

Over a quick telephone consultation we can discuss your basic requirements and will then provide you with a guide price. If this is within budget we can book a FREE site survey at a time to suit. 

From that site survey we will provide a full quote and some 3D visuals of your new garden room.

To get in touch please fill in the contact form or contact us below.


t: 01702 969959

a: First Floor, East Suite, Cottis House, Locks Hill, Rochford SS4 1BB  

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