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Are you WOFH , WFH, or CAH today?

The list of abbreviations in our lives grows longer.

As you’ll see, garden rooms have played their part.


Working out from home started during Lockdown when gyms closed.

When they reopened, many fitness devotees didn’t return.

Instead, they carried on working out in the tailor-made rooms in their gardens.

Gyms can’t match the convenience of a home workout space.

Use it when you want and without queuing to use the equipment.


Working from home is the first activity most people associate with garden rooms.

The demand for comfortable and separate workspaces has not slowed since COVID-19 triggered a new way of working for millions worldwide.

Many Evergreen clients have built garden offices with workout spaces.

It's a popular combination because moving those two activities out from the house, frees up valuable living space.


Chilling at home is another growing trend for garden rooms.

We've built rooms for art studios, snooker, an extensive library and, increasingly, bars and recreation spaces.

That's the beauty of a well-built and well-designed garden room.

You decide how you want to use it, and we will build it accordingly.

So, if a well-appointed guest room or a stylish home cinema with a popcorn maker and fridge for ice cream are what you want, give us a call.

Doing so might also help you create a new abbreviation all of your own.

We’d love to hear it.

To arrange a site survey email or call 01702 969 959.

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