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About Bars, Caves and World Headquarters

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

They say variety is the spice of life.

It’s a point of view we see every time we talk to clients about designing beautiful rooms for their gardens.

Each one is different, and each is personalised.

A bar in your garden with a hot tub alongside? No problem.

Want to move World Headquarters for your business to your garden?

We can do that too.

Or, perhaps, you want a cave (male or female), where you and your friends can hang and watch footie or movies with a popcorn maker and a fridge for the ice cream.

Yes, we can design and build that too.

In fact, we can help you create the gym, studio, office, retreat, cave, spa or whatever else of your dreams.

How do you get there?

Start by thinking about how you will use your garden room.

What does it need to have within it to make it work and look as you want?

How much of your garden space do you want to allocate to your room?

Where will it be placed?

If you need ideas, create a Pinterest board and pin things you see and like online.

Pinning things like lighting, internal accessories, and landscaping around your room can help when it comes to briefing us about your ideal design.

When do you want to start using your room?

The build time for a standard room is two to three weeks.

Before the building can start, the design needs to be created and finalised.

Allow a week for the initial design. You may require additional design time for design alterations.

Allowing for the ordering and delivery of materials also needs to be factored in too.

How do these timescales fit in with your plans for the year?

Work back from the date you would like your room to be up and running; we will advise you if your date tallies with our building schedule.

We will do our best to meet your ambition.

If you would like to add some spice and variety to your garden and lifestyle, email; or call 01702 969959.

PS. One thing that won’t hold either of us up is waiting for Planning Permission.

Permission is not required for garden rooms less than 2.5 metres tall.

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