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How to extend your home quickly, cost-effectively and without planning permission

This 5m x 4m garden room was recently built for our client in Thorpe Bay, Essex.

If you need to create more living space in your home, you might want to consider a garden room as the solution.

I'm talking about the kind of structure that's steel-framed, clad with durable timber, filled with thick insulation, and with heating and lighting as required.

In other words, built to last.

Garden rooms like those designed and built by Evergreen Garden Rooms offer three significant benefits when compared to building an extension.

  • Cost; depending on the size of your room, your extra space will be typically half the price or less

  • Lack of red tape; you don’t need planning permission for these structures

  • Speed; because our rooms are made with modular components, including pre-assembled steel frames, construction time is much shorter (typically three weeks from start to finish)

You choose how to use your garden room

The rooms we build are all bespoke in their design.

Each must fit a particular space in a client’s garden.

Offices are highly popular, but so too are workout spaces, bars and chillout rooms, and we are currently designing a snooker room.

If you want to create a space for your teenagers to call their own, we can design that too.

Built for year-round use You can use garden rooms like these all year round.

Heavy insulation, underfloor heating and electric radiators keep rooms cosy in winter.

In summer, open the doors and windows or fit air conditioning if your budget allows.

Decide on the specification and budget in advance

To ensure that you don’t overspend, take time to decide what you want your garden room to include.

We can advise you on how much your ideal room will cost.

Once you have made up your mind on the specification and budget, stick to the plan.

Adding extras later won't just cost more; it will likely delay the building of your room.

If you plan to have additional garden works going on simultaneously, do let us know so we can liaise with the other contractors. It helps reduce the risk of one team slowing another down.

For more information on Evergreen Garden Rooms, email or call 01702 969959.

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