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How To Side Hustle In Your Garden

Stories about well-known businesses that started from a kitchen table or garage abound.

Think Bodyshop and Apple Computer, respectively, to name two.

We live in an age of side hustles.

That's where enterprising individuals provide services outside of their nine-to-five jobs.

Side hustling is how most businesses begin.

But what if your kitchen table is overcrowded and your garage is not fit for purpose?

Well, you use and do what you can.

Rooms in the house get cluttered with hustle-related stuff.

Drafty sheds in the garden became workshops and storerooms.

However, the leap to renting an office or premises is daunting.

It’s a big commitment and one that the finances of a startup in its earliest days can’t justify.

An alternative and excellent stepping stone is a purpose-built Evergreen garden room.

It can be designed specifically for your hustle and what it requires.

With power, lighting and heating, you can use it throughout the year.

And, it’s not an industrial unit or garage you’d be putting in your garden.

No, you’d add a beautiful and valuable asset to your home.

And because no planning permission is required, your new building can be in place within weeks.

There are some considerations.

Avoiding noise and nuisance to your neighbours are two.

If you intend to have clients visit, you also need to think about parking and access issues.

Running a business from home, published by GOV.UK provides a guide to what might be required.

To book a discussion call with a member of our team, call 01702 969 959 or email

Very best,

Evergreen Team

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