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Profitable sidelines from the space in your garden

You may not be serving fish and chips from your home-based garden room business. Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

Working from home triggered explosive growth in the sale and building of garden rooms.

Thousands of people who usually commuted into offices were suddenly housebound, and that created challenges.

Many homes were not suitable for a happy combination of work and living space.

And, as the COVID-19 Pandemic wore on, there was also a realisation that this new way of working would be long-term.

This state of affairs created great interest in home offices housed within garden rooms.

At the same time, the long-term closure of gyms triggered similar thinking.

Homeowners saw a chance and a need to create their own workout spaces, gyms and yoga studios that they could use whenever they wanted.

On that basis, many gym subscriptions were diverted into funding bespoke workout rooms.

Another form of working from home, the sideline business, was also given impetus by the pandemic.

Hairstylists, dog groomers and walkers, yoga and music teachers and a host of other service-related businesses have benefitted from garden rooms.

With no rent to pay, you own your premises and building a garden room is much less costly and time-consuming when compared to building an extension.

In many ways, the Pandemic has created a return to a way of life that existed in this country for hundreds of years.

People are working where they live and profitably too.*

For more details about creating beautiful bespoke working and leisure spaces in your garden email or call 01702 969959

* Workers who used to commute are also saving nearly five hours of commuting time each week according to recent research by

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