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“They really do care and make sure it’s perfect”

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

So says Greg, the delighted owner of the 4m x 4m garden building in Leigh On Sea, Essex.

Greg will be using the structure as his office although he has put some gym equipment in there too.

We located the office in the corner of Greg’s garden to ensure we kept the loss of space to a minimum.

Bifold doors are in the two sides of the structure that face out into the garden.

It means on warm days, with the doors drawn back, Greg can enjoy the feeling of being outside while he works.

On colder days, the thick cavity wall insulation and electric underfloor heating will keep him snug.

During the build which took place in November 2020, we did have some wet weather to deal with but when rain hits we erect a large gazebo over the structure and carry on building.

If you would like us to create a beautiful, bespoke room in your garden; email or call 01702 969959.

Greg says; “I would highly recommend getting in touch with the Evergreen team for a quote.”

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