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Why putting things off isn’t always a good idea

Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash

Sometimes, and for excellent reasons, we put things off.

This delay very often occurs with things that involve spending a substantial sum of money.

It’s not wrong, and it’s entirely sensible when money is in short supply.

However, some of the things we put off are those that would very often provide us with immense, long-term pleasure.

It might be the piano you always thought you would treat yourself to so that you could practice and play whenever you feel like it.

Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to extend your house, buy a horse, or a top of the range, carbon-framed road bike.

Most of us have a "luxury' we have denied ourselves or our family.

Now don't worry, this isn't going to be a post trying to sell you on the idea of buying one of our beautiful garden rooms, although the thinking I'm describing is linked.

I’m also not advocating the buying of more “stuff.” There’s enough of that in the world already.

No, this is about so-called "big ticket" items that we would use and often enjoy if we had them.

What stops many of us from buying these items is a focus on the upfront cost

Let’s say the piano in question costs £7,000.

That's not an insignificant sum, although, for pianos, the price can be much higher.

Some of us will never take buying the piano or the equivalent item seriously because we see £7,000 and say something like, "I can't justify spending that much money.

But how do things look after twenty or thirty years of ownership and use?

£7,000 works out at just £350 and £233 per year respectively (or £29 or £19 per month).

So, for far less than the cost of a typical gym membership, we put off buying something that will make our lives more fulfilled.

We think that ultimate lifetime value is something worth thinking about.

Hopefully, the age of wanton consumerism is over.

Replaced, we hope with purchasing fewer, higher quality, and longer-lasting items, things that will give our families and us lasting pleasure.

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