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Your guest room in the garden

One of the biggest (and best reasons) for building an Evergreen Garden room is to acquire more space.

That additional room in the garden frees up space in your house.

Space and land are two of the most valued commodities in our lovely but tightly packed cities and suburbs.

Acquiring either can be very expensive due to high demand and short supply.

As some investors are keen to say, “they’re not building any more land.”

It’s why garden rooms are such an attractive and cost-effective proposition.

They are cheaper and faster to build than an extension, and there is no loss of functionality and practicality for the owner.

Warm and snug in winter, they offer all-year-round use just like an extension.

You can turn some of the space in your garden into something that improves your home environment and adds value to your house.

What you use your room for is up to you.

Here are some examples of how others have used their gardens.

We’ve built;

• Offices

• Gyms

• A snooker room

• A very large library

• Bars

• Relaxation & Spa rooms

• Storage spaces

• Teenagers out of the house rooms

• Man Caves

• Art and Craft studios

• Workout Studios

• Dog grooming rooms

• Guest rooms

All of these fully functional rooms are within gardens.

All created extra living space within the homes of their owners.

More than that, they have added quality of life benefits that should not be underestimated.

You don’t need planning permission, and you don’t need a massive amount of space, either.

You just need to decide what you will use your room for.

Then talk to us about creating a design for it.

Depending on our build schedule, you could have your garden room up and running within twelve weeks.

Now think about what you can do with the extra space in your house that an Evergreen garden room will create.

Tel: 01702 969 959

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